BOSKA Mini Raclette L30.5xW11xH11cm, 220V


  • Installation: The Raclette appliance may be connected to the mains by plugging the mains plug into the socket. Make sure that the on/off switch is set to 0 while you are attaching or removing the electrical cord.
  • Use: Clean the grill plate and the pans before using them for the first time (see cleaning). Turn the appliance on by turning the on/off button to and allowing it to pre-heat for five minutes. A small amount of smoke may develop the first time the appliance is used. When using the Raclette, always use the pans that are designed for placing under the grill. Make sure the cheese does not come in direct contact with the heating element.
  • Cleaning: Remove the plug from the socket and check to make sure that the appliance is cooled off completely. Wipe the appliance off with a cloth dampened with water and a cleaning product. Never immerse it in water or other liquids. Do not use hard brushes, materials that can scratch, products containing sodium hydroxide, disinfectants or abrasive products to clean the appliance.

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