Bruno Compact Multi Grill Pot Blue Green


  • Point 1: Grill – Grill meat for a single person BBQ night or even sandwiches for breakfast with the grill pan attachment. Samgyeopsal night Go for it
  • Point 2: Hotpot/ Nabe – Single serve cheesy tteokbokki No problem Hotpot on rainy days We gotcha Comes with a glass lid so you can watch your stew or soup while it cooks.
  • Point 3: Steam – Pair the nabe + steam rack and you can prepare steamed seafood, meatballs, or just heat up your dimsum in a jiffy. Great for prepping baby food in small servings too!
  • Point 4: Cook Rice- Seasoned rice, plain rice, or just porridge All can do with the cooking pot attachment, too

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