Solis Perfetta Knock Box


  • Another advantage of a knock box is that you can easily check the residue for dryness. If the coffee grounds are dry, your machine is set up correctly. If not, we recommend you adjust the settings of your espresso machine and/or coffee grinder for an ultimate coffee experience!
  • The design of the Perfetta Knock Box is perfectly matched to the espresso machines of the Solis Perfetta range.
  • Stainless steel – The housing of the knock box is made of stainless steel.
  • No spilling -The high back prevents coffee grounds from splashing onto the kitchen wall.
  • Horizontal knocking – The cut out front makes it possible to hold the portafilter horizontally when knocking out the coffee grounds.
  • Warranty: 2 years
  • Singapore Customer Support: E-Mail: | WhatsApp: 8809 5868

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