Solis Vacuum Bags 20x30cm


  • 50 Vacuum bags
  • Compatible with all Solis vacuum sealer machines
  • Preserve food freshness and flavor, limit waste
  • Use it with any food: fish, meat, vegetables, fruit, coffee (beans) and tea
  • Excellent results whether it is used for moist, dry and even the most sensitive food
  • Vacuum packed food stays fresh up to five times longer than non vacuum packed food
  • Ideal for sous-vide cooking (<100°C)
  • Suitable for deep freezing: > -20°C and can be used in microwave
  • Dishwasher safe and reusable
  • Triple layer and 100% BPA free bags: safe and sturdy
  • Singapore Customer Support: E-Mail: | WhatsApp: 8809 5868
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